A Green Truck All Around

There are several pulls here. Aside from all-organic ingredients, Green Truck and its owner, Mitchell Collier, can boast a solar-powered kitchen, vegetable oil-powered trucks in LA and San Diego, and an entirely biodegradable array of serving products. Oh, and healthy food that makes you salivate immediately upon reading the menu, and not freak out at the price beside each item.


Collier entered the food truck business at a good time, when Kogi had just opened the specialty market up. His focus was and is on quality meals at a lunchtime-friendly price, which Green Truck delivers. From the Chipotle Cheese Burger to the balanced, refreshing Cilantro Lime spritzer, the truck and its friendly staff have got it down.


One issue Green Truck and other “fresh/locally-sourced” establishments face is the ongoing drought. With no end in sight and Gov. Jerry Brown restricting water usage (though not for agriculture, at the moment), ingredients for Collier will in turn become more expensive, though it’s not yet clear how much more. He intends to keep prices reasonable, though he admitted he did not make a large income from the truck as it operates already, due to an expanding number of competitors. “I do this for the people, so they can have a fresh lunch instead of whatever else,” Collier said.


“Whatever else” referencing anything that operates outside of Green Truck’s mission, “Healing our planet one meal at a time.” They cured my afternoon hunger, at least, and the less smog in LA the better.


Recommended: The Mother Trucker, by both Collier and myself. Doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not, just do it.

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